Flutter App Development

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Benefits of Developing an App with Flutter

When deciding on a mobile technology framework to build an app, multiple factors have to be considered: 

  1. Performance: Empirical studies have shown that performance on Flutter apps is far superior than React Native Apps and very similar to Native Apps in some cases.
  2. Development Speed: The learning curve for a junior web developer learning Flutter for the first time is fairly short. We've seen some of our most junior developers pick up the framework and start working proficiently after 2-3 weeks of full time practice.
  3. Community Support: There has been a rising support for Flutter in the development community over the past couple of years. Since 2019, the number of Google searches and StackOverflow questions for Flutter has surpassed those of React Native.
  4. Security: Flutter is prone to the usual security concerns present in any mobile development framework. Flutter has plugins and packages built to work around these concerns easily.

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