Staff Augmentation

Hire developers from all over LATAM. Our deep network makes recruitment faster and easier.


Get Access to the Best Talent in LATAM

With Staff Augmentation, you can hire talent to augment your team's capacity on demand. The talent works directly with your in house teams, and is managed by your managers.

Deep Talent

Our Imagine Apps Network has over 2k registered tech professionals.

Our network makes sourcing processes up to 3x faster.

Hire developers specialized in React, Angular, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Java, Swift, Kotlin, and many more technologies.


Top 5% Profiles

We manage the pre-screening of all the profiles in our network.

Our screening process includes professional english tests, technical interviews and white-boarding challenges.

We receive thousands of applicants every year and only 5% of them are accepted in one of our open positions


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