Developing A New Sales Channel: Mobile App (E-Commerce)

When you are running any kind of business, you create an array of channels that ensure efficient marketing and consistent sales.
Juan Pablo Morales
August 31, 2020
Developing A New Sales Channel: Mobile App (E-Commerce)

When you are running any kind of business, you create an array of channels that ensure efficient marketing and consistent sales. These sales channels are the backbone of E-commerce.

How Important is a Mobile App?

Almost all the utilities found in a computer can be accessed through mobile. We can search the web, shop, navigate our ways, deal with customers, and much more with the help of mobile applications.

So, let’s talk about how a mobile app has become an E-commerce sales channel without any further ado.

1.   Building Brand Awareness:

Let’s say that you have a small factory of homemade carpets. How do you intend to sell those carpets? Will you ask your friends to buy it? Will you distribute brochures at the closest shopping mall parking lot?

The most efficient way to sell your carpets is through E-marketing and e-commerce. You can develop a mobile application that will include all the details about the craftsmanship involved in your production process. Great images accompanied by an intuitive and easy to use interface will improve conversion. It will also develop and increase your brand’s awareness and engage local and international clients.

2.   Knowledge of TargetedAudience:

With your mobile apps and other SEO tools, you can be more aware of your targeted audience. You can learn about geographic locations, age groups, genders, etc. This will help you better in engaging more with potential buyers.

You could know what your buyer wants, how to keep their interest intact by offering them special offers and providing rapid Call-to-actions. It will not only make your customer feel obliged, but you will see an uptick in sales.

3.   Social Media Promotions:

Social media has evolved from infotainment apps to E-commerce ones. Social media apps have become prominent sales channels for big/small and home-based businesses.

All you have to do is to make a page dedicated to your brand. You can post your blogs, articles, and products there.You can also share special deals and discounts. The best part is that social media is an international platform, so your products will be seen everywhere.

Now, social media apps have introduced paid promotions for your business. You can promote a particular product or service. You can boost your page and posts by paying these apps on a monthly basis.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, etc. have become exclusive E-commerce sales-oriented platforms.

4.   Push NotificationsMarketing:

When your phone rings, what do you check first?

Of course, the notifications! Your mobile app must allow the customer to enable push notifications. You will be surprised to know that Push notifications have a 50% click through rate compared to the 20% on email marketing.

Here’s how it works. You need to make a subtle and straightforward notification message about your new promotions. Send it to the customers on the prime time as phones are most used in that period. Your notification should be fascinating enough that the customer clicks on it to know more about the product.

5.   Simple and Concise:

The last and most crucial point to follow is that every blog, product description, Email, push notification of your mobile app must be concise and straightforward. Please do not make it complicated for customers to read and interact.


Developing a new sales channel through Mobile app marketing is a fun yet trick way. It will help if you become the best to remain in the competition. Using the right tactics through mobile apps will pave the way for a better business sales structure.

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